If you acquire your own server, you shall have more independence on what you can install and run when compared with a shared hosting account. With a shared service, you have access only to your own account, so you aren't able to install server-side software. While this is not a problem for most script-driven programs, there are a few that have specific requirements and need specific software to be present on the machine either for some additional functions or for them to work at all. In the event that you have practical knowledge, you'll not have any issues to run the hosting server, but if you do not, you may simply not have the capabilities to manage everything and use the script apps that you want. If that is the case, you could use our Installation & Troubleshooting upgrade, and so our system administrators can arrange everything for you and aid you with any problems that you could come across.
Installation and Troubleshooting in Dedicated Servers
In case you require our upgrade for any reason, you can add it to your dedicated server with a couple of clicks through your billing CP or if you will require some custom work on the server immediately after it is set up, you can obtain the upgrade during the signup process and inform us what exactly you need to be carried out, so everything shall be ready once your web server is operational. 60 minutes of custom work are added to your account each and every time you get the upgrade, so you can employ this service as many times as you require. If some task needs less time to be performed, you will not lose the remaining minutes and they shall be available for future tasks. Our upgrade will permit you to focus on building and advertising your sites without spending time on maintaining the dedicated server or the software installed on it. You could employ it if you also use our Managed Services upgrade, but the 30 min it comes with aren't enough to perform all tasks which you need.